Live Trading Room

A unique opportunity to:
TRADE ALONGSIDE ME IN REAL TIME Mon to Fri through the Asian and into the London sessions

Join my Daily Live Stream Monday through to Friday each week as I trade the Asian and into the London sessions.

The main objective with the live stream is to pass on to you the techniques and strategies that I use to be consistently profitable in the markets. During the stream, I’ll share my MT4 trading account with you with and interact periodically during the live stream showing you how to find high probability trade opportunities..

The account I’m trading is a real account (not a demo). There is FULL DISCLOSURE regarding my MT4 account during the live stream, I show my current running trades so you can trade alongside me and copy my trades.

How does the Live Stream work?

  • A live stream Zoom link is available in our Discord channel each morning from 11:30am Sydney time.
  • The live stream will run from 11:30 am until 9:00 pm, you can join at any time to see and copy my open trades.
  • I am most active in the live stream during the London open and through the London session.
  • Live Trading Room Members will automatically have access to our full suite of Pro Indicators and Premium Members Discord Channel.
  • As the information shared in the live stream is not financial advice and for educational purposes only, it is recommended that you trade a zero risk Demo account only while using our ideas, we will not be held accountable for your decisions and outcomes if you choose otherwise. Trading the currency markets carries a high degree of risk.

Included in the Premium Package:

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