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Through these times of economic uncertainty with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses and families, it’s a challenging time to say the least. Low interest rates are hurting investors, economies are over inflated, stock markets over extended and with the current situation unfolding, we could be on the verge of a very rough ride if the stock markets were to go into an extended deep dive. We live in uncertain times.

For those investors seeking a solution, outsourcing some of your wealth creation could be worth serious consideration.

The Foreign Exchange Markets offer real possibilities. With approx $5 trillion being traded in the space on a daily basis, it’s a hugely liquid marketplace that far exceeds the equities markets by around 25 times. For most retail traders however, it can be an unforgiving environment dominated and manipulated by Banks and large institutions who have the capacity to move the markets to their advantage. Being up against institutional traders and algos, the majority of retail traders struggle to survive.

This is where we come in, we are professional traders who can trade on your behalf. You control your funds and we trade your account for you. We do not offer any ‘get rich quick’ schemes and offer our services to investors looking for controlled, steady medium to long term growth. Fees are on a profit share basis and only payable when profit is made each month.

Anthony Born.



I’m Hall Robb. I have 12 years experience trading Forex on behalf of my clients and currently manage a portfolio in excess of AUD$88 million. I’m confident in my funds performance and as such only receive remuneration from clients when they are in profit. I also trade nearly my entire personal net worth and both of my children’s college funds alongside client funds. I look forward to also trading for you as my client.

Prior to becoming a professional Forex Trader, I completed my studies at two top tier universities, Cornell and Thunderbird (now a part of Arizona State University) with a special interest in International Business. I eventually became the president of a chain of retail stores in the United States and subsequently ran a technology company which invented, developed, and brought innovative products to market via Costco, Boots, and others. My interest in innovation was rewarded with a United States Utility Patent which I hold jointly with my beloved father.

It was while running my technology business I learned how to hedge currency. I manufactured, distributed, and sold globally, so hedging invoices between currencies was a key activity in maintaining a profitable business. Back then I developed data centric systems and approaches to hedging a currency which continue to serve me and my clients well.

My focus and the goal of my trading process is to create income and equity growth for the medium and long-term. My approach is non-discretionary. My trading systems use a date centric approach which considers historic patterns and numbers. I do not trade news. Indeed, during the political tumult caused by Brexit, I refused to trade the British pound for two years due to volatility in the market at the time. News was primarily driving the currency pairs which made them unpredictable. The USD/GBP pairing is the most profitable in my armoury so Brexit did hit my results. I take my responsibility to clients seriously and prefer to trade currency pairs that are not as impacted by extraneous events such as those which drove the British pound pairs during Brexit. The month I started treating the pound again (in February 2020), I made a respectable 5.9% gain for the month.

My trading style is not based on going for the big wins. I use mathematics to identify predictable patterns that tend to repeat themselves and use that insight to achieve excellent yet predictable gains.

I like to “get on base”. If you’re not familiar with baseball, that means I like to get on a range of small trades and multiply those winning by consistently following processes, and systems, that over time create significant income or equity growth for my clients.

I trade the London and New York sessions and I always make sure my server space is as close to the exchange as possible.

I hope you find this information valuable and look forward to bringing you those gains.

Have a great day.
Hal Robb.


• You Have Full Control: Hal does not accept money from clients, your money is always owned and controlled by you the client. Your funds will be secured and placed within your Brokers Trust account.
• Access To Your Funds: Your funds are always available to you through your Broker. You can withdraw funds at any time.
• Full Disclosure and Reporting: All trades, profit and loss statements and the account balance can be accessed and viewed at all times.
• A Fair Fee Structure: Hal’s profit share fee is charged on a success basis only (further details below).
• A Proven Track Record: Hal has a proven record of delivering medium and long-term gains for clients. $100,000 invested in 2015 would have resulted in a balance of over $325,000 at the end of 2019. Past results are not an indication of future performance. Documentation provided upon request.

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As a professional trader, Hal implements a strict trading plan that has been proven over time. He has a disciplined approach, implementing a repetitive formula that has worked for him time and time again. His trading is delivered in a gradual and predictable manner. He does not ‘trade the news’, nor does he pursue strategies based on political or economic events.

Hal’s trading strategies include:

Harmonic Patterns: A precise mathematical trading method based on the premise that patterns in price movements repeat themselves and can be predicted.
• Trend Retrace: A temporary price movement against an established trend. The trader it will take the position on an extended impulse leg trading the inevitable pullback.
• Trend Reversal: The trader takes a position inverse to the current price trend in the currency pair. It is commonly used when the trader has a high conviction that there is a potential for a price reversal.
• Scalping: a strategy designed to profit from small price changes in a currency prayer. Profits are taken quickly when the trade has moved favourably.


• Minimum Account Size: USD $6,000
• Leverage: Average leverage traded is 4:1
• Capital At Risk: Generally 1% of traded funds at any time.
• Stop Loss: A stop loss is used unless there’s a valid reason otherwise i.e. where volatility is expected and the trade is being watched.
• Client Controlled: You will be able to check your balance online through your Broker Account at any time. If you decide to withdraw funds you can do so at any time also without any penalties whatsoever.


• Your Trading Account: Hal trades through IC Markets (Forex Broker). If you don’t have an IC Markets acc, Hal will provide you with a link to open your account. Once the account is open, Hal will present you with a Power of Attorney form to allow him to trade your funds on your behalf. He doesn’t have access to your funds, only your trading platform. Your funds are always under your control and with the Brokers Trust Acc.

Your account will be a PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) Account which allows you to assign your fund to management by your Trader Hal. When you are ready to proceed, contact us and Hal will guide you through the process.

• IC Markets will hold the clients (your) funds in a segregated Trust account with Westpac Banking Corp (WBC) and National Australia Bank (NAB). IC Markets is regulated by ASIC (the Australian Securities and Investment Commission) and was founded in 2007.

• Profit Share Fee: Hal charges a success fee of 30% of the gains made each month. If there is ever a negative month, no fees are charged until your account has recovered to the previous ‘high water mark’ level. The fee is invoiced at the beginning of each month and is calculated on the previous months performance.


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