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Connect To My FX Trading Acc and Earn A Passive Income!

Hi, Anthony here. Through these times of economic uncertainty many people are turning to the Forex markets for an alternative income stream or to build equity. Unfortunately for most however, the currency markets are dominated by large institutions who manipulate the markets to their advantage AND deliberately take your money. Being up against institutional traders and algos, it’s no wonder that the majority of retail traders struggle to survive in this space. This is where I come in. My winning Trading Strategy is producing excellent results. My ‘Trade Copy’ offers a Passive Income through Your Own FX Account.  When you connect your account to mine, the trades taken on my account will be copied to yours in real time. I aim for a steady 10-20% gain per month.

The account used for the trade copy is my own personal Forex account with real funds (not a demo acc), created specifically for this purpose. Current balance is greater than $17,000 and please note that the balance is NOT a small amount i.e. under $1,000 like many other trade copy signals that use high risk strategies and only risk a small amount of their own money. I’m using a significant amount of funds in this account and can assure you, as such, my focus is on steady gains with diligent risk management. I also have other live accounts with IC Markets that are not available for trade copy.

I manage up to 5 EA (robots) on this account with a mix of strategies including scalping, day and limited intra day trading. Both trend and counter trend strategies are used. The automated trading systems I’m running are set on conservative settings and structured to spread the risk across the 5 systems and multiple currency pairs. Consider this acc as 5 trade copy accounts in 1. Rather than you having to follow 5 different trade copy signals, you only need to follow 1 (and pay a subscription for 1 rather than 5).

The automated systems I currently have running on my account are a result of two years of trials, back-testing and running various versions on one of my other live accounts. The outcome is a well balanced multi strategy trading system. I am confident in this account producing excellent results and consider this to be a high quality signal to copy. The account can be tracked in real time at any time of day.

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    • Step 1: Open an account with a reputable ECN Broker with a minimum balance of USD$6,000 (AUD$8k).
    • Step 2: Select your account type (we prefer is MT4 Raw Spread with leverage 1:500 via IC Markets, join here click here).
    • Step 3: Click the the widget below and subscribe via the green Copy for 30 USD‘ button:

Watch the video below on how to get set up correctly, especially the VPS (important):

Follow the steps in video 1 and 2 below.
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Setup video 2 – click here.

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