Live Trading Room

A unique opportunity to:
TRADE ALONGSIDE ME IN REAL TIME Mon to Fri through the Asian and London sessions

Join my Daily Zoom Live Stream Monday through to Friday each week as I trade the Asian and London sessions.

The main objective with the live stream is to pass on to you the techniques and strategies that I use to be consistently profitable in the markets. During the stream, I’ll share with you HOW I FIND TRADE OPPORTUNITIES, and  will show you TRADES I’M TAKING ON MY LIVE ACCOUNT IN REAL TIME.

The account I’m trading during the live streams is a real account (not demo) opened specifically for the live trading room and for the purpose of building my own equity. There is FULL DISCLOSURE regarding my real account during the live stream, I show my current running trades along with the full trade history on this account. I will be aiming for a steady 10-12% gain each month (more if possible). The account is accessible through FXBlue so you will be able to visit this at any time and see how we are progressing.

Click below to track the performance of the account traded during the live stream:


How does the Live Stream work?

  • A Zoom link is sent to you by email and also available in our Discord channel each morning.
  • For all day followers, live stream starts at 10:30am Sydney time and runs until 10:30pm.
  • For those who prefer a timetable, there will be 2 scheduled sessions per day at 11:30am Sydney and 10:00am London time.
  • My trading account is on live stream during the entire day showing open positions.
  • Apart from the 2 x scheduled live stream sessions (above) I interact periodically during the day discussing trades, signals and TA etc.

In our Daily Live Streams we will be covering:

  • How to generate your own quality trade signals.
  • How to find high probability trade opportunities.
  • How to identify and trade trends and trend reversals.
  • Discuss daily trade ideas.
  • How to manage risk and preserve capital.
  • How you can trade alongside me in real time.

Live Trading Room Premium Members will automatically receive our full suite of Pro Indicators along with access to our Premium Members Discord Channel.

Here’s what you get:

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